Welcome to the first organized ride of the season.

"All Conditions" means just that.  We're riding whether there's snow, sleet, sun, or storm.  January is an unpredictable time of year in southern New England.  All we know for certain is that it will be cold, and we'll be champing at the bit to be outside riding; any excuse will do.  The All Conditions Ride is the perfect excuse.  

We're planning this ride in conjunction with Ride Studio Cafe.  Overland is managing the route; RSC is managing the logistics, ride leaders, and the roll-out.

Not only are we riding, RSC has some interesting ideas and incentives planned:

  • Urban-ish route.  We're staying near civilization so we're never too far from a cafe with warm drinks available.  So, regardless of the temperature, we won't freeze.  We guarantee a fun route regardless of the weather.

  • Special offer on studded tires.  Ride Studio Cafe is offering free installation on any studded tires that you purchase prior to the All Conditions Ride.  This is a $24 value.  

  • Free:  As with most RSC rides, this ride is free!

Time:  We expect the ride to take about 2.5 to 3.5 hours.  This includes warm-up stops at cafes.  Distance will be determined by weather conditions.

Terrain:  Mixed terrain, weather dependent.  Not too hilly.

Territory:  Suburban, exurban, and urban.  Weather conditions will impact the territory in which we ride. 

We don't like feeling cooped up during the cold months.  So, let's get out there and make it warm. 

At a Glance
  • 20 Jan 2018 9:30am
  • Tickets Not On Sale
  • All Conditions RideAll Conditions RideLexington, Massachusetts, USA
  • Unknown DistanceUp to 0 miles (0 km)
  • Unknown CostFrom

Extra Information

Appropriate Bike

There's two directions to go with this -- depending on the weather:

  • Snow on the Ground:  If there's snow, we're expecting that fat bikes may be the ideal mode of transportation but we've gotten pretty good at riding 700c with studded tires.  So, join us if you have studs or fats, or both.  The overriding plan is to ride it all, ride it to stay warm, and ride to enjoy the winter.  In short, a bike with studded tires.  Fat bikes, 27+ bikes, and anything in between will work, too.

  • No Snow on the Ground:  In this case, a standard mixed terrain bike - with studded tires for icy sections - will be perfect.

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