Mt. Shasta Rotary's Altitude Adjustment Ride.

This truly is a century ride with just the right amount of everything! Enjoy incredible views of some of nature's finest scenery as you ride this fabulous route. 

In order to really understand the magnificence of this ride and the scenery you must see it from your bike seat.

We will be offering 5 ride options this year: Super Century, Full Century, Mountain Metric Century, Valley Metric Century, and a Half-Metric Century.  The rides will follow one or both of two loops – one to the south of Mt. Shasta and one to the north.  

The route layout is in the shape of a figure eight with the Mount Shasta City park serving as the Start and ending point, as well as the lunch stop for all rides.  For super century, century and mountain metric riders, the first leg will be the Mountain Metric portion of the Ride with the 2nd leg being either the Valley Metric for Super Century riders or the Half Metric for Century riders.  For the Mountain Metric riders, they will complete only the first leg. Valley Metric and Half Century riders will complete the northern loops  Super Century and Full Century riders will complete both the southern mountain leg and a northern valley leg. If the Super Century or Century riders decide at lunch it's too much, they can simply hang out in the park and enjoy the beautiful day.  

The century/mountain metric century route has possibly the longest & steepest downhill you have ever ridden.  Make sure your brakes are in good working order! Carbon rims are not advised due to overheating issues from braking.

The century/mountain metric century route has several short gravel segments, numerous potholes and rough pavement in spots.  Strong, reliable wheels and 700x25 or larger tires are recommended.  Cut resistant tires such as Continental Gatorskins are also recommended.

Later registration prices after May 18 are $10 higher 

There is a clothes drop service.

Our goal is to provide you with lots of healthy (and not so healthy) food for refueling during and after this epic ride!

The Mount Shasta City park is where the headwaters of the Sacramento River emerge from the base of Mount Shasta in it's purest and clearest form.  You will be treated to some of the purest and best tasting drinking water the world has to offer!  Bring a jug with you and fill up for later !  With grass and shady trees, relax along the river in this heavenly location and enjoy what we hope is one of the most enjoyable bike rides you ever experience!

At a Glance
  • 23 Jun 2018 5:30am
  • Tickets On Sale
  • Castle Crags CenturyCastle Crags CenturyMt Shasta, California, USA
  • Up to 132 miles (212 km)
  • From 45.00 USD
Mt Shasta,California,96067,USA