The 719 Ride is a FREE word-of-mouth, grassroots group bike ride held every year on July 19 on the northwest side of Colorado Springs. It's an unsponsored, unmarked, self-supported, ride at your own risk, obey all traffic laws, assume all liability and responsibility for your actions, word-of-mouth group bike ride on a loop course with tons of climbing. Each lap of the course is just under 14 miles and comes with 1,750' of up.

Five laps is the signature ride (I Cinque Giri) and comes in at 71.9 miles and more than 8,600' of climbing. Other ride options include:

  • Déjà Vu 719 (28 miles): Do one lap, then do it again
  • Metric 719 (45 miles): 71.9 km is 44.68 miles. Three laps of the course, plus an add-on takes you to 45 miles
  • Groundhog 719 (56 miles): It's the same thing every lap.
  • 719 Century (100 miles): Seven laps and 12,250' of climbing
  • Double 719 (143.4 miles): 10 laps and 17,500' of climbing
  • Himalayan 719 (200 miles, 24,500+' of climbing): 14 laps of the course and enough elevation gain to get you to the top of a Himalayan peak)

It takes a special type of person to be attracted to a ride with lots of elevation gain and an even special-er person to embrace repeating the same climbs over and over and over again. Plus two more overs.

What to expect on the 719 Ride?

Expect climbing. Lots of it.

Expect to question yourself. "Why am I doing these climbs five times?"

Expect to struggle with temptation every time you loop past the start/finish point. Do you have another 1,750' of climbing and another lap in you?

Do NOT expect swag, cue sheets, on-course aid stations, mechanical support, cheering crowds, accolades or an expensive entry fee. 

Expect to have fun.


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