The Middle Georgia Epic is the longest multi-surface road race in Georgia, offering both a 200k and 100k distances for racers to choose from.

The race starts and finishes at the charming Blue Goose, Georgia’s only bike hostel, in Irwinton. Each route consists of gently rolling country roads, with approximately half the route paved, the other half a mix of gravel, sand, dirt, and clay.

The variety of surfaces along the route make bike/tire choice an interesting challenge. Skinnier tires are faster on the pavement, but will struggle on loose/soft surfaces. The race will be held rain or shine, so keep that in mind when choosing equipment!

There will be no course markings or signage. Racers can download the GPX file and load it into a GPS, or they can prepare their own cue sheets.  Cue sheets are allowed, but you have to make them yourself. This is not a closed course – racers will encounter traffic and are expected to respect all rules of the road.  

Ride smart, ride safe.

Both races will have minimal official support, meaning racers need to be well prepared and self sufficient. Each route will have only one official aid stop near the half way point where water and some snacks will be provided.  Racers will be provided with a 1-gallon ziplock drop bag they can use to send items ahead to the aid station. In order to keep the race fair, and keep traffic off the route, no personal outside support is allowed.  Racers are allowed to use any stores or publicly available services along the route however, so feel free to stop at a gas station to buy water, but racers cannot have family/friends/team members meet them anywhere on the course – including the aid stations.  

Racers are allowed (and encouraged) to help one another if needed.


At a Glance
  • 17 Feb 2018 7:15am
  • Ticket Status Unknown
  • Middle Georgia Epic (Gravel)Middle Georgia Epic (Gravel)Irwinton, Georgia, USA
  • Up to 124 miles (200 km)
  • From 80.00 USD
  • 200 Riders
128 East Main Street,Irwinton,Georgia,31042,USA

Extra Information

Presented by Southern Wheelworks & The Blue Goose

Oct 1 – Registration Opens
Dec 1 – Entry fees increase to $70
Jan 1 – Entry fees increase to $80
Jan 20 – Guaranteed t-shirt size registration deadline
Feb 10 – Online registration closes, no more entry transfers
Feb 16 – Early check in at Southern Wheelworks in Macon, GA
Feb 17 – Race day at the Blue Goose in Irwinton, GA

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