The Legendary Nightmare Tour continues.  

This event is a bicycle tour around the perimeter of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

For fans and former participants, we continue to provide a 177 mile tour in one day with raw climb over 15,000 ft. The route you know and love is the same. 

We also have an 111-miler, a harder 200 m/18,000 ft. of climb, a 225 mile/22,000 feet of raw climb (death by cycling), and 24 Hour Event (in excess of 240 miles and 22,000 feet ....) .  

This event has been running for over 20+ years and is considered the mother of them all.

Serious cyclists consider this a must on their bucket list.

We now have six water stops and provide energy bars at key locations around the county which allows a participant to ride the course without a support team. 

A cue sheet, SAG Service, and Food (Bananas/Bagels) at the 99th mile/Third Water Stop will be provided.  THERE WILL BE NO ROAD MARKINGS.

At a Glance
  • 11 Aug 2018 6:15am
  • Tickets On Sale
  • The NightMare TourThe NightMare TourReinholds, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Up to 240 miles (386 km)
  • From 60.00 USD

Extra Information

Do not attempt this ride if you are not fit.

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